CvrBrokenCement_2w-resizedRUNNING DOWN BROKEN CEMENT (Main Street Rag Publishing Company, 2014)

The book is a collection of narrative and lyrical poems inspired by my career, spanning several decades, as a social worker for the State of New Jersey, when I responded to allegations of child abuse and assisted homeless families to find permanent housing in the community, and also by my experiences as a foster parent.

  • Review by Diane Donovan at. Midwest Book Review, 2014: Running Down Broken Cement.
  • Review by Michael Northen at Wordgathering, a journal of arts and disability, 2015.

  • Autographed copies discounted at $10, plus $2.00 postage, available at nscott29@aol.com. Also from publisher, Main Street Rag which includes sample poems.

Lake Carnegie, Late Afternoon

Orange sky
slips below the tree line.
College oarsmen, stroke by stroke,
slice ever-graying water.

On the road, arms awhirl,
a legless man, wheelchair-bound,
placard round his neck—
I’m a homeless Vet.

All race against the fading light,
resolute on course.
One outwitting midnight’s chill,
others to the boathouse.

Seven-year-old Boy Found Dead
in a Plastic Storage Bin, 2003

He slipped through the cracks,
past allegation and ink
smudged in a six digit number.

Deep tissue bruising, they said.
Blunt instrument, they said.
A terrible mistake, they said.

Come here, child, and give
Mama some sugar.


Kelley Jean White, MD, has said this about the book: Nancy Scott is truly a voice crying in the wilderness, the American wilderness of broken cement and breaking lives. She has earned her voice by years of work among the poorest of our poor, with those struggling on the edges of our broken systems of health, education, and welfare. She has listened carefully and now bears witness to the sufferings and triumphs of…those neighbors we have turned our backs on…. You may need to read this book slowly, a few poems at a time, but you need to read it.

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