The Owl Prince

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THE OWL PRINCE, a collection of re-imagined fairy tales. Revisit The Three  Little Pigs, Chicken Licken, Snow White, The Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, Baba Yaga, and many more for a joyous romp for adults through storyland.

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Lord Rauschebart’s Hands or
Why Some Things Are Hard to Prove

Lord Rauschebart was not a handsome man:
bulbous nose, eyes set wide, thick brows, black
untamed beard that covered his chest like a bib,
but his hands were something else.

No one in the village could remember when
he wasn’t wearing finely-tooled leather gloves,
except for a woman, thought to be mad, who claimed
with her own eyes she’d seen his bare hands.
Soft and smooth like a baby they were. Each long
finger had a shiny nail painted the color of red wine.
You have dreamt this, the villagers said.
No, she said, I have felt them, too.

Others wanted to see a scar no matter how faint,
swelled joint, some flaw, to convince them
the stories they’d heard were true—
his hands had butchered five wives.

As villagers watched Lord Rauschebart gallop across
the fallows astride his black stallion, Bayard,
his retinue in tow, gossip scuttled back and forth—
He had his wives quartered, said the baker.
No, he did the deed himself, said the schoolmarm.
Four, not five, because one still lives, said the blacksmith.

And so it went, and we may never know the truth of it,
except that several wives have disappeared.

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