This chapbook was dedicated to my grandfather who emirgrated from Russia in 1906. The poems in the first part were inspired by Russian artists from the 19th and early 20th centuries. The second part includes poems inspired by art from all over the world.

Sevastopol, Life Again, 1945

Yevgeny Khaldei, black and white photo, 1945

Five young adults perch like gulls
on rocks and concrete. Patterned cloth sprawls
beneath a dark-haired woman shading herself
with an umbrella, at her side a bare-chested man
in skimpy swim briefs stretches his legs, two
women smile and talk, a second man leans
on one elbow, as the wide-angle lens
serves up acres of rubble, a crumbling
crenellated turret, a fractured wall:Sevastopol,
once the jewel of the Black Sea, after three years
of siege, a doomed city, where tens
of thousands died in a futile attempt to save her.

Today, the camera takes notice
of the need to return to simple pleasures.

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The idea for the format of this chapbook was inspired by James Lipton’s delightful book of venery titles, An Exaltation of Larks. 

A Bolt of Brides

Penniless, he built his bride
a house with no roof or walls,
only a door of twisted twigs.

Most days, she’d sit and stare
across the foggy moor, dream
of children she would never rear.

At night, she’d hook a kettle
on the hob that didn’t warm
and latch the door against the wind.

A wild dog adopted her.
She’d pluck the burrs from its coat
and feed it off her plate.

She never raised her voice
to complain, yet the poor man knew
that howling from the uplands

would rouse in her
desires he could not fulfill.
The day she disappeared

she left his supper on the table,
a brackish stew
of thistledown and thorns.

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A Siege of Raptors is a lighthearted departure from Nancy’s earlier two collections. Here you will find raggle-taggle gypsies, brides, monkeys, mushrooms, and mosquitos. Scott’s poems remind us that the elements of traditional folklore lie just below the surface of even the most contemporary of social issues.

Linda Arntzenius