‘Ah, Men’

                                 AH, MEN

                  from Aldrich Press, 2016


Dedicated to a sampler of men and men-in-training who broadened my life and to one I remember fondly who said, “…and we did ourselves some good.”

Cover image by Edwin Santiago

At the Alchemist & Barrister

It could have been decades earlier, closer to
the marches and water hoses. We’d entered the pub
of a popular restaurant, our reflections caught
in the mirror above the bar. White male heads
snapped in our direction. In the split second it would
take a strobe to fracture motion, a blue charge tore
through the room. I felt your body tense. Ready.
You stepped closer, put your hand on my shoulder.
Talk stopped. Only smoke curls and the running
mouth of a TV announcer. Let’s leave, I said,
but I knew you’d never back down.
Then, by some silent cue, the drinkers’ hustle
started up again. The hostess asked if we wanted
to be seated in the pub or the main dining room.
Here, I said, staring down a beefy blond guy
who didn’t avert his eyes, piquing him to imagine
a white woman and a fine, dark-skinned man
as lovers, while the basketball game splashed across
the screen. Later, a raucous cheer as if
every male wished he’d been the black man
who’d sunk that long three-pointer at the buzzer.

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